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Pls add web version

if only this was some actual computer game and not jsut for sh itty mobile -.-

Привет!!! Ваша игра хороша для того, чтобы убить время, но геймплей, к сожалению, однообразен!! Скачал облегченную версию...и остался, в принципе...доволен!! Можно было бы пройти всю игру, но я не вижу в этом необходимости!! Мне очень понравилось, что вы можете быстро кликнуть, чтобы убить врага!!👍А так игра очень хорошая...удачи вам в будущем!!!


OMEGALUL... auto clicked my way into 9 tabs of rick Astley all trying to play at once, great little clicker game though!

Hi buddy, I'm wondering how you chopped up the gui from ? Interested how you end up expanding the height of the small bordered brown box and the health bars.

I used the Gamemaker Studio 2 nine-slice feature that automatically nine-slices sprites no matter what size they are. There are also functions out there that calculate how to chop it up if the IDE you're using doesn't have built-in nine-slices (or if you aren't using an IDE at all).


Thank you so much for the explanation, I think this explains a lot of things that I couldn't figure out. I was trying hard to understand if i should be slicing them by equal parts 8, 16, 32 etc., 

"Purchase the full version to unlock the rest of the equipment"

well, good to know that this is just a demo. Almost didnt see it in the description there....

maybe wanna do some balancing, cant imagine playing this without autoclicker :O

Aside from that, good game so far :-)

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Stumbled across this game in the new games feed and was mildly interested, the gameplay is a lot more unique than other similar clicker games and the progression system works really well. The developers sense of humor is absolutely fantastic; I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to kill some time, a solid thumbs up.


Fun little game - the tutorial helps you understand the equipment and quest system.  After about 20min I really got into it, strategizing which equipment I would save up for and cashing in on quests.  Good mix of simple combat and interesting upgrades.

Honestly i love the basic nature of this  game. But it's bit, too simple? Nothing really make you want to come back to this after the first time playing it. And Like, the gameplay probably wont entertain most people for more than an afternoon. I mean i know it's only a mobile game but i wouldn't want to play this more than once


What is the difference between the free and $1.99 versions?

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The free version contains the first 2 levels and around 20 pieces of equipment to unlock. The $1.99 version contains all 8 levels, over 60 pieces of equipment, and endless mode! Thanks for asking, I'll update the page to include this information.

Edit: The store page has been updated to show the difference between the Lite and Full version. Thanks!


seems fun but no web version so cnat play im so sad i will cry, add or iw ill cry.