Version 1.1.0 is here!

Hi everyone,

I'm excited to announce that RogueClick's first update is here!

Major Changes

  • Spellbooks: A new piece of equipment that swings your weapon for you!
  • Prestige: Once you finish all 8 levels, you can restart your game for a permanent bonus!
  • Bosses in Endless Mode: Every 25 enemies you can slay a boss!

Minor Changes

  • Can now swing weapon with the spacebar
  • Now says "Click to Start" and "Click to Continue" on desktop
  • Updated stats overview to include prestige bonuses
  • Text size reduced for longer equipment names and costs
  • Early equipment prices drastically reduced
  • Minor equipment balancing
  • Minor quest balancing
  • Removed the death quest
  • Added visible version number to the options menu
  • Added tip about prestiging
  • Fixed minor visual glitches

Have fun playing the new update!

- Kevin

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